Packing for Africa

29 Oct

We all know that packing a suitcase can be a delicate operation. Usually a girl calculates the number of days she will be spending away, then multiplies it by at least 2 and rarely subtracts.

Going somewhere where it is overly hot, constantly raining, where you need something short in order not to suffocate yet something long to cover up not to let the bugs bite, yet not too covering cause it is too hot, can be tricky. Then you are being told not to bring things you really care for as you will not come back with them in the same state, or, not at all (heat, moist, overly washed, inefficient cleaning / ironing lady…) So, you start packing a week in advance. Dipping your cloths in a horrible bug solution and scarring them (and your nose) for life. You put things in. Realize you may have taken a bit too much after all. Take things out. Tell yourself you will probably need it all considering the severe heat and rain. Put things back in again. Have second thoughts. Take things out again. Add some things to the initial things and put them all back in but leave the bag open, just in case…

And I won’t even start on the drugs… I am an ambulant pharmacy that could heal an elephant from whatever he’s got !!


One Response to “Packing for Africa”

  1. ima October 30, 2010 at 8:51 AM #

    Great start, keep it up!!!

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