Praying for Africa

31 Oct

French people like to strike. That’s a given… a trademark. When you ask someone what characterizes France, they will probably mention the Eiffel tower, Napoleon, Chanel, cheese, wine, lots of strikes and flammable cars.

Now, that the main French air line company, the day that I leave, decides not to go work, fly and serve… is beyond me (obviously, as I am a concerned passenger).

So, if I make it up the sky that day, I will be grateful to my adoptive country and give out many mini Eiffel towers, sparkling, glowing and silver. If I don’t, many big and ugly words may enter the atmosphere that day and beyond…

What will it be… I wonder…


One Response to “Praying for Africa”

  1. ima November 2, 2010 at 9:56 AM #

    What indeed? I’ll support you with all the four letters words I know in all the 5 languages I speak.

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