Living Africa

9 Nov

in the US they have squirrels, here, lizards are running freely all aroundYesterday I paid my first visit to the French Cultural Centre here in Bata. The center offers a variety of activities for both young and old. Expats (almost 200 of them) and locals. A French school, dancing classes. Karate. Manual activities. Karaoke nights… However, no wine tasting nights, cocktail school or French Cancan classes … Maybe that’s where I could come in and leave a print J

Since posting (taking city) photos seems to be a tricky thing down here and I’d rather not get into trouble right away, there is no other way than words for the moment, to show you what there is around me. Those of you, who may have been to some of the North African countries, may know the warm-and-moist feel of the place during the summer. Add a few percentages of humidity, a couple of degrees in the middle or November and you’ve got a 30-35°C heat with +-90% humidity. Needless to say it is hot and moist…

Bata, as the rest of Equatorial Guinea, is a developing country. Known for its petrol, the country has made its way up among the 6 richest countries on the African continent. What you see around you is a sight of development (« op ») I could say. Constructions of all kinds. A new built road on one side, a (yet to be repaired) muddy or broken side walk on the other. A few modernized supermarkets (the size of a daily Monop) where one can find some current products (some Spanish, Lebanese, French…) however, unless you know the local products and where to get them (freshly fished fish, local vegetable and fruit, meat) you will wine and dine mostly out of cans and boxes as supermarkets don’t offer fruit or vegetables and if so, the occasional thing, odd coloured meat or ham in a can… The usual food shopping you may do in only one French supermarket, you will be doing in all 3 here. One supermarket does not have the same products as the 2nd or the 3rd… If shopping is your cardio, you will tone up your muscles down here in no time for sure and each trip to the market will be like a Kinder surprise. My surprise today was finding Diet Coke… I will speak no more…

The weather today : extremely, overly and suffocatingly hot and humid with the occasional heavy rainstorm. Heavy skies and bright light city ! God invented the Air-Conditioning and Willis Haviland Carrier created it !!


One Response to “Living Africa”

  1. ima November 9, 2010 at 7:11 PM #

    Lebanese food?! Yummy!!!! Go ahead, girl!

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