Getting lost in Africa

10 Nov

Being sick is never fun. Having a minor cold in a place where getting an aspirin is an adventure, is even less fun. That is, for people like me. City girls in foreign cities on foreign continents with no map in hand (as streets here have no names) including a little not -yet-settled-in paranoia of hopping on taxis alone (there are no public transports here. The taxi is co-shared and is the only ride you can get, unless of course you’re lucky to have a driver in a fabulously air conditioned 4×4) or getting lost in the streets (up till now I haven’t seen many expats wondering around… I seem to be one of the one to confront the crazy heat…)


This morning I went on a crusade. Look for the Chinese Market (more of a bazaar market). To get there you have to take a few lefts and a few rights. Then in front of you lies an endless street of small stands. Chinese photo development stores. Food stands. Shoes. Clothing. Repair stands. The general bazaar stands. Some have a shop. Some lay out their merchandise on the pavement. The highlight of this walk was walking by a school with a bunch of overly excited kids standing at the gate smiling and waving at me… The only White person walking down that street, at least at that time… An endless street that got me into a rather (what felt to me) hostile neighbourhood with no potential way out, or at least my momentary claustrophobia told me so. As I tried calling for help with my brand new local cell number and fell on a voice machine talking to me only too fast and in Spanish, I resigned myself to continue the trek towards the blue ocean that came nowhere close as I was walking towards it… Then I was saved by a taxi. The first one I took as a newbie in Bata City.  On the way home, as I have decided to call for defeat and retire to my A.C cocoon, I opted for a cooler solution and stopped for coffee at the Spanish Cultural centre. Spanish people, nice McDonald style chairs and a fabulous view over the ocean that can for sure calm a minor anxiety. A cocktail could have probably done miracles but I figured 11am may be a bit too early to pull tricks.

So voilà. There I was having a café au lait, contemplating the sea,chatting with a Spanish man, wishing he could have a more positive outlook on life here in Bata city… However, I keep telling myself I am in Equatorial Guinea… Not the kind of destination that pops to mind when one is searching for places to go to, right ? A once in a lifetime experience for a city girl from “Le Gay Paris” like me… And needless to mention the reason I am here for in the first place… Hard as it may seem to be now, it is worth it…


One Response to “Getting lost in Africa”

  1. ima November 10, 2010 at 6:18 PM #

    So you saw the real Bata. My friend Robert from the gym would like to know how is the beach sitation, I mean if Bata is a good spot to do sun and sea bathing….hotels, restos, night life.

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