Poulet à la Normande in Africa

12 Nov

Last night as I was searching for ideas (and reaching a culinary dead-end by 6pm) spending a few hours browsing the nutritious-web and chatting with my mother… my stomach was saved by my man who glanced at me and affirmatively announced, “darling, let’s go eat out !” (which may have followed my little distressed “I have no idea what to cook tonight. How about we eat some nuts and corn ?”)…

In any case, we went for a proper French meal at the French restaurant “down town”, the Kalao, by the sea. The owner, is a man that goes by the name of Philippe. An adorable French man who spent most of his life in Africa and who is now running this little place here which made me feel like home. Poulet à la Normande with mashed potatoes… Salads of all sorts. Noix de St Jacques, sometimes lobsters, andouillettes, steaks… Familiar and tasty food. Not to be neglected, a reasonable variety of wine and Champagne, imported, exported and especially supported by me !!

So this morning, with my overly busy schedule of a tourist (rare, if not even a nonexistent species) I went back for a morning coffee and chat with Philippe (I admit when seeing the fabulous Nespresso machine last night, I immediately knew, this place would become a home) We spoke over an hour about food, life in Africa and Guinea. A very enjoyable Nespresso moment… I think he may have felt my culinary despair as he kindly offered me to come “play” in his kitchen and learn the tricks to become a fantastic chef and make my man cry when I go back home… He may not have to ask me twice… My toques is on !


Sad moment today at my Diet-Coke supermarket… Only two boxes left on the little shelf… They will be mine !! Oh yes… They will all be mine if I need to hire a man and go drag them all down with me !!


It is Friday today. I am a day away from celebrating my 1 week as an Equatorial Guinean inhabitant… Mazel tov and may the force be with me !


One Response to “Poulet à la Normande in Africa”

  1. ima November 12, 2010 at 8:04 PM #

    what a tasty writer you are, daughter of mine!
    (I’m hungry. What are you cooking tomorrow?)
    Maybe you teach this ima of yours a thing or two…

    I (D)

    Je suis trop vexée!!! Give us the adresse of the frenchy and go and take lessons. PI

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