Saturday in Africa

13 Nov

A Saturday down here is pretty much like any other day down here. You get up early and go to work. However, you get out earlier than on normal weekdays, which leaves you the afternoon and Sunday to enjoy family, friends and beer (as local tradition has it). What I will be enjoying and discovering on my first weekend here is a mystery yet to be unveiled around 3pm. Till then, my imaginary friend and myself will be going for some Latte to the Spanish cultural spot in town in hope for some European encounters and talks. I may even get naughty and try to bring out the office my new Twitter friend, Arum, that has up till now made my little social life here quite enjoyable and refreshing… It’s Saturday after all. Holy day for some, coffee time for all !


After having spent a lovely morning with Arum, I went by the supermarket (which seems to be the main attraction here) And luckily I did so !!!

I realise that living in a developed country as you and I know may know it, makes us take life for granted. Filled-up supermarket shelves with every product you may be looking for. Cloth shops too full for your wardrobe and bank account to handle. Deco shops that could easily fill up 100 times the house or apartment you live in. Snack bars with enough snack to raise your monthly calorie limit in a minute… We know we have it and we know it’s only a block away and pay no attention to it. Since I’ve been here I found myself ecstatic over a few cans of Diet Coke, Ebly wheat and today, Kinder Bueno. Obviously, as soon as I will land back home I will forget this, but now, it is like a gold treasure cause you also know that if you find something today, it may no longer be here tomorrow and it even may take a while (a day, a week, a month or more) till you find it again.

Simple pleasures are the best but until we don’t experience that simplicity in our overly hectic and fast life, we don’t quite understand. It’s a good lesson in life


One Response to “Saturday in Africa”

  1. ima November 14, 2010 at 10:01 AM #

    What you wrote about the ‘bare necessities’ reminds me a lot about life in comunist Romania. When finding some toilet paper made you felt a winner of the National Lottery. You bought as much of it as you could and on your way home you swap some of it for a couple of tomatoes, eggs or other bare necessities. Cause you didn’t know what will happen next day! Short Pusi.

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