Bitten in Africa

14 Nov
Mbini Beach

Mbini Beach

Last night, Saturday night, I  was taken to a beach resort north of Bata in Utunde. Les Pagaies. A lovely little place held by a French couple, where relaxation and hospitality is the key word.

Last night, Saturday night, at Les Pagaies, I was bitten by my first beastly mosquito. I covered myself in that very chic mosquito scent… but forgot to sprinkle my neck where the animal headed immediately to taste and suck the blood out of my body…

Aside from this sanitarian incident, we had a lovely dinner above, what seemed to be, the chamber (I’m not fond of the word “cage”) of 2 monkeys living on the property. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them this time. Anyhow, a drink led to a starter (my first proper mixed green salad since my arrival). A starter led to dinner and dinner to a friendly chat with the owners over a glass of Champagne… A first this week !! Will you believe me if I said I was ecstatic and excited to see Philippe (the owner) approach us with that bottle of Mumm ?… I found out that next weekend for the Beaujolais Nouveau, a French evening will be organised, with cheese & charcuteries flown over directly from France. Needless to say I have already booked my table for the night !!


After that lovely Saturday evening, came Sunday morning with an alarm clock that started ringing at a time that should be banned by a weekend law. 7.30am. I am now living with a workaholic who sees no difference between a weekday and a (Sunday) weekend… Today, after a few hours of me helping him out with some dull paper work just to get it done with, take him out and begin his weekend-education, we went to visit Mbini, a small town southwest of Bata (and apparently one of Guinea’s 6 main attractions) known for its seafood and beaches. I didn’t get adventurous on the fish, but the beach, I did try. Over 2 hours drive all together through small villages, several military barriers (one whom we thanked with a can of Coke on the way back), bumpy roads (and by bumpy I mean big trek style bumpiness) chickens and dogs running wild, massive jungle trees all over, construction sites… I wish I could show you all that but unfortunately I can only write you about it…

We finished our afternoon with a glass at Le Kalao, the French restaurant with my George Clooney Nespresso machine. Lovely moment by the sea, watching the sun go down and avoiding the mosquito rush-hour just in time before heading back home.

All in all, a lovely and adventurous Sunday afternoon.


One Response to “Bitten in Africa”

  1. ima November 15, 2010 at 9:46 AM #

    Oh my! First time is the most difficult! But it happened and I hope it’s the last time. Because by now, this little ‘écervélée’ brave mosquito has spread the word that the lovely red-head new-arrival from up north is not worth bitting, beeing poison for the hungry mosquito community. And what was left uncovered in poisoneous spray is not enough to feed them all. Too risky!
    I’m happy for your papilles meeting champagne.
    And the rest of your adventourous week-end.
    Enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau tasting! For Nicolas, this must be like a short visit home.

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