A new week begins in Africa

15 Nov

A new week begins in Bata with 2 pleasurable moments ; coffee break with Arum and some intense can opening and heating for lunch. Other than that, it’s been a (very… too) calm day. Grey heavy skies with the potential storm making its way and a lot (but really, a lot) of research on what to make for dinner… It’s a lot like trying to make a bœuf bourguignon but without the bourguignon, or the bœuf for that matter. Tricky and limited…

Also, on this first day of the second week, the presidential cortege through the city. An impressive view of some 30+ cars, police and guards outside the house.. 4×4 cars, each more impressive than the other, driving through the streets.

Things to do this week :

– May be offered a job here in Bata …………………………..

– Try to be the one who will not fail to bring some of the expats together over a drink, a dance or some other social event. Maybe even go a step further and mix several expat communities together (from what I’m told, it’s quite a challenge getting together one, let alone 3 or 4…) But unless you try you will never know right ?

– Accompany the man of the house to Ebebiyin and / or Mongomo, on the border of Congo. A working trip for him. An air conditioned discover-car-trek for me…

Should be exciting…


One Response to “A new week begins in Africa”

  1. ima November 15, 2010 at 7:01 PM #

    Take the job, if it’s worth!
    Bring to-gether the expats and bring-up le chiffre d’affaires des restos français!
    And don;t forgzt : Where is a will, there is a way!

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