Rain in Africa

16 Nov

It’s been raining practically non stop here since last night 6pm. Rain here is nothing like European rain. Indoors, it’s as loud as if you put your head under a waterfall or in the washing machine on fast cycle. You can barely hear yourself breath, you don’t hear the TV even on max volume and if someone came to save your life from a fire, you would probably be cought by the flames before hearing the doors break down. The thunder is as loud as 50 kids popping balloons all around your face. The lights strong enough as if you’re in a neon lit storage house, and the heat as if you’d be walking down an over-heated luminary aisle of a department store… My rain boots are hiding in hope not to set foot outside.

According to a personal source, the rain season has not been this long and intense (and devastating in several West African countries) in 36 years… After the snow storms last winter that beat Europe to a pulp, I shouldn’t even be astonished that I am here at this particular time experiencing this. My hair may not like it but if I keep positive, I should find some fun things to do with these intense tropical drops. Organise a wet T-shirt contest maybe ? An expat mud-fight ? A “Be Kind Rewind” version of “Singing in the Rain” ?… So much rain. So many possibilities !!


2 Responses to “Rain in Africa”

  1. ima November 16, 2010 at 5:23 PM #

    Just your luck! Just kidding! But you have here one or two great ideas to entertain the expats community under the title of ‘What to do with in so much water’. Keep trying, great ideas were born out of necessity!
    Sinon Pusi!
    Radu and Adina were supposed to land this morning at 10 at Beauvais airport. Right now, 17 PM, they are on a bus journey from Frankfurt, where they landed instead of B. All I can say is ‘F..k Ryanair’!

    • Travel Personal November 16, 2010 at 7:28 PM #

      Ryan Air will for sure not be mentioned in this blog. Calling for boycott !!
      (Happy landing and happy ride)

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