Working in Africa ?

17 Nov

Today I have been offered a job here in Bata… An opportunity to contribute and help this city (country) advance towards a more modern world as we know it… Or as we’ve known it a few generations back, as there are still many bricks to lay here…

I am keeping my options open, trying to find out more about what this place has to offer and make me stay long(er). As my professional life has been put on hold for some months now, I need to get back to the get-up-at-7am working world, and since there is nothing definite waiting for me in Paris, I am trying to keep an open mind about this place that for sure scares me quite a bit, but… that may be a one in a life time experience and opportunity.

So, who knows… A new adventure ?

One sure thing is that tonight, my man is taking me out… to watch the football game. France – England. (not that he, nor I for that matter are any football fans, but I am jumping on this social opportunity to see new faces and have a proper meal). I assume there will be people… even many of them (expats). Burger and fries. Not betting on a cocktail but let-it-be-wine. The place is a (big but cosy) company cafeteria (but serves as a general restaurant spot for all). G.W – Villa Celotti. Multiple screens. Big family-like dinner tables scattered around. Sofas and rugs. A bar… an actual bar with a fair choice in alcohol, wines or Champagne. Que demande le peuple ?

God bless game nights in this particular place in the world. The creation of the burger and Le French fries. Alcohol. Smoking indoors, a blessing too as it may harm you in one way, but keeps Malaria away. Let there be joy !


One Response to “Working in Africa ?”

  1. ima November 18, 2010 at 9:41 AM #

    Le peuple demande le bonheur ou au moins une bonne fraîche salade verte pour African Queen!

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