Vache-qui-Rit is a happy vache in Africa

19 Nov

You may think I am completely food orientated here and that my main moments of joy, is finding food… Well, you’re right !!! Obviously the reason of my presence here is precious, but aside from that, everything is so unfamiliar around me, sometimes hostile, that when I find something like Vache Qui Rit Light, Babybel, Philadelphia (Light one too) and blue cheese, I’m like a kid in a toy store having visions of myself playing around with my cheese. Also, as you may have understood, you never know what you may find here and especially, for how long. The diet Coke is almost gone. Only 1 coffee shop still has a few cans (and my fridge, hold a treasure of 5). Kinder Bueno, the shelves are practically empty. The Vache Qui Rit and all the other cheese-delice and butter I have found yesterday, may be gone by the weekend (don’t forget it’s been over a month there has been no butter). So going in to the supermarket and seeing a hord of various expats all standing in a refrigerated aisle, means the ships have brought some gifts. Yesterday’s finding was Vache qui Rit, cooking cream, Philadelphia cheese, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, Babybel cheese and butter… A culinary treasure for some, ‘home’ to others. Excited as I was, I immediately summoned my man over and loaded the car with some cheese-delice to keep me, us for that matter, happy for at least a few days. I also got adventurous on some eggs in the hope to stand tall after a future omelet … I will be reporting back on that.

The French Cultural Centre had a little café that closed a while back. Good thing for me, the café has reopened its doors this week. So after sending the man back to put the goods in the fridge before going back to work, I headed for a drink at the newly opened French café, meeting some of the expats I have met since I’ve arrived.  Some beers, some tapas, more and more people gathering. Familiar faces. My man who shut his computer down to come join the little social gathering… A short apéro night, but a lovely one.


I am having an afternoon coffee today with a very sweet French expat woman I met at the supermarket a few days ago and saw again last night. Visiting for the first time another Bata home than my own in what is apparently, an entire French building. Her husband works at Bouygues, like many French expats here and she used to run the French Wine Shop (I think I may have told you about when I got here) that unfortunately, shut down right before my arrival. I’m happy to make more acquaintances and friends here. Makes the stay lighter and more enjoyable.

Saturday night, for the Beaujolais Nouveau, Bouygues is organising a party at the French Centre. Very VIP, invitation only kind of thing. Hopefully I can get us in and experience the French belle-vie in Bata-city. NOTE TO SELF : Need to get on the expat French Community listing… And the Israeli one for that matter, and the Spanish one tant qu’à faire !


One Response to “Vache-qui-Rit is a happy vache in Africa”

  1. ima November 19, 2010 at 10:07 AM #

    Your alimentary purchases experiences are uncannily close to those Beca had back in the fifties and sixties in Bucharest. Funny how over 2 generations, same things could take place on 2 different continents.
    Enjoy the social expat life as much as you can, better still, try to organise them. Make them feel they can’t go on without some weekly social events.
    Paris is cold and grey, but 6 hours of walking a day keeps me in shape and warm. We avoid to return home too early because of His Naughtiness…but oh, how sweet the apéro is when he’s locked up in his chambers.
    Yalla, Pusi.

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