Partying in Africa

21 Nov

So, last night was Beaujolais night. And last night we were invited to a Beaujolais Nouveau event organised at the French Cultural Centre. French cheese specially flown from Paris for the occasion, making its smelly way through the buffet. Charcuteries. The Beaujolais Nouveau. Norah Jones singing her songs (over and over again) in the background. People… Many people. French people. Israeli people, other people, but most importantly people to talk to. So we talked. We ate. We drank. We met. We laughed… It felt good. I took as much of it in because here you never know when another occasion like that will hit you in the face. After the French night, we joined a (sort of) after party untill the rain stormed down on us and the music so loud, killed our ears. I was home before midnight.. Not quite a victory yet, but a victorious night for a Parisian in EG.


Bome Beach

Bome Beach

After a very early Sunday wake up call, a few hours of work for one, a solo breakfast for the other, we went to the Farm. A restaurant on Bome beach North of Bata, where we met several of the expats I’ve met since I’ve arrived with their families. A day of bathing in the sea for some (unfortunately not for us as we didn’t plan on a proper beach day) a long lunch and feeding two cute starving cats who adopted me instantly (I can’t figure out if it was the steak or just my loving care they were really into), a walk on the beach feet in the water, shorts completely soaked by the time I got my sandals back on, sand all over. A lovely place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The trip there was a true journey through the jungle. Pickup stuck in the sand with a bunch of  locals coming to the rescue pushing us out, water puddles enough to sink a car. Each trip here is a trek through life.

Back home now, I am mentally preparing for the week ahead. Job search, social planning… I am now scheduling my time. Coffee with the Israeli hospital Director met last night, drinks with the expat group at the French centre, sawing and tea with a lovely expat wife in search of some activity like I am. A dinner here, a lunch there, a drink everywhere… When you’re thrown out of your comfort zone and into a hostile zone, you need a mark of some sort. Mine is being surrounded by people who can  relate to what I live here, share their own experiences and tips and simply tell me that I should go easy on myself about feeling as low as I sometimes can feel around here because at the end of the day, it is quite a harsh place.

So… this 3rd week should be an interesting week and give me an idea of what my next months will be like…


One Response to “Partying in Africa”

  1. ima November 22, 2010 at 9:44 AM #

    Girl of mine, all this happened on one single day?
    Don’t you complain no more!
    To me, this kind of social life would be enough to make me look for a retreat into some ashram.
    Go on feeding the needy kitties! Jules is an absolutely brute, I don’t know what to do with him. Good therapy or a kick in the butt is what he needs!

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