Cabel in Africa

22 Nov

After Nico’s 8 months in Bata and my 2 little weeks, we are finally the happy owners of satellite cable (and when they say “cable”, they actually really mean cable… long black cables passing through you wall and ceiling like paintings hanging down your walls). I am now spending my morning with Edouard Baer… It could be worse, right ? However, satellite usually means more channels than your remote finger can handle… We, here, have only a small dozen working out for us so far. Cartoon and manga channels for those who care , Canal+ (but oddly enough without its proper film channels) some world news and TF1 (god bless).

So, when it’s raining outside for hours like it is today. When you have nothing else to do then read, possibly repaint your walls rebellious red or pink, wash, iron or redecorate your house (when you have what to decorate it with), at least there is TV to reconnect you to the world, and right now, to Grey’s Anatomy.


One Response to “Cabel in Africa”

  1. ima November 23, 2010 at 10:01 AM #

    Cartoons? You have cartoons fifille? Back to your childhood, when you were watching Tom and Jerry for hours and hours?! So many hours that finally, one day you surprised us by talking english to us instead of hebrew or rumanian. We’ll open a bottle of Beaujolais
    to-night to celebrate the newcomer Mr Cable in your home!
    Sinon, Pusi.

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