Malaria scare in Africa

23 Nov

After 2 weeks on African land, overheated, under-socialized and unused to all that is around me, I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately. Tired enough to nap during the day. Me, the one who doesn’t know how to close my eyes before night-time and never read the manual to Power-Nap. Tired enough to feel as if I’ve been clubbing insanely, daily, and we all understood that I’ve been going to bed practically every day by 10pm. A little bit of fever, a little bit of head ache, sore neck… and a worried man who woke me up from yet another nap to drive me to La Paz hospital for a security check-up.

A foreign (yet Israeli) hospital on foreign soil. You are registered at the counter then follow a nurse to a bed corner. You are not being told what will happen next and you ar being spoken to in Spanish. One finger-pointing at the bed, you assume you have to lie on it. Not being big on the hospital scene, that only is a bit alarming. Watching your heart beat on the screen and seeing your man’s face standing over you are the only familiar and calming things around you. Blood is taken and a needle is left behind for over an hour, in case the tests come back positive for Malaria and you need to be injected with drugs immediately if not sooner. For someone who is as scared of needles as a cat is from water, keeping one in your arm for that long is a heavy on the nerves. Gladly enough, Nico knows how to entertain (there is potential for a career change) and every now and then an Israeli doctor will come walking by and allow me to talk and be understood. I even found a Palestinian born – Israeli educated – Swedish resident – African missioned Dr. A familiar face…

Over an hour later, the test results came back. Malaria : negative, but much-needed rest. The climate, the general change and stress, not enough water (isn’t wine liquid too ?), the malaria pills… can bring down your system even when you think you are above it all. So tonight let us be merry and rest…


2 Responses to “Malaria scare in Africa”

  1. ima November 24, 2010 at 9:58 AM #

    Aïe, Oï, ma fifille on a hospital bed?! Africa is too much for your system? I’m happy to know though that Nico is there to watch you closely! But we worry, oh, how we worry!!! And it can’t be the clubbing, you did much worse in Paris. Anyway, try Scrabble for a while instead of other social events. Pusi

    • Travel Personal November 24, 2010 at 10:33 AM #

      Not to worry. I guess I’m just too hot and to dry here and there isn’t enough Champagne to clean my system 😉 I’m exchanging nights out with kicking Nico’s butt in backgammon. Just as good 😉 Pusi

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