…12 hours later in Africa

26 Nov

Last night I slept. I even slept well. Over 10 hours from start to end.

I woke up like a princess, had my breakfast and started to do… not much all day long. The electricity was out in the city so needless to say, without air-conditioning in the house it is hard to survive. The generator was supposed to on but wasn’t. The fridge was off, lights, no internet connection, my phones powerless, and so was I.

The police came by to look at the filmed robbery of the other night. Took notes. Asked questions. Didn’t quite understand the scene was filmed at night with an infrared camera and thought the (6) guys were all white or mixed… Hmmm…

We went by to check on Gaspard in the afternoon. The poverty of the place still hurts my heart, but I am trying to tell myself that this is the situation of the country and the general human condition of the majority of the population… Not something I am, nor you I would assume, are used to see, part from what is shown to us on TV or during a trip to a rather primitive country.

In any case, a calm Friday day followed by a calm Friday evening where I put my non-culinary talents to the test and managed to cook a rather good eggplant meal… I’d make my mother proud !


One Response to “…12 hours later in Africa”

  1. ima November 27, 2010 at 9:46 AM #

    Not ‘would’…you surely ‘did’ your mother proud! She’ll ask you for the recipe.
    I understand it was the your hottest day there, without the comforts of civilisation. After another hottest day and night. Well, in a week even your red hair on your head will freeze, so enjoy the hot weather.

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