Boom Boom in the sky in Africa

27 Nov

When the skies get dark you know it will blow. When it blows, you know you should run for shelter. When you’re afraid of exploding skies, you know you’re sc***d for several hours at least if not a full day… Like today. When it rains down here it is powerful, it is noisy, it is violent. The streets become giant puddles and every car passing by sprays you to the core and creates giant waves all around. It is impressive and it is never-ending.


This afternoon we are collecting Camel, a puss looking for a home and some fresh arms and legs to scratch on for a week or so. Nico kept her for a few weeks when she was only 3 months old. After becoming her friend on Skype and seeing her smell me up close on cam, I can’t wait to get the extra company for the week that I have left and play adoptive mummy for an occupation.


Camel is running wild in the house and it’s fun having her around. She’s small and red with big puss eyes. I fed her tonight trying to make an “I’m-you’re-feeder-and-you-should-love-me” statement. Hopefully, the message made it through and I will suffer less from her claws. On fait comme on peut !!

While you will most probably be out tonight, bar hopping, champagne drinking, steak eating and beyond, I will be watching the Rugby game. France – Australia… There’s beer in the fridge. Burgers with its forgotten bread, fries and if I reach a depressive state, a Champagne bottle chilling for me in the fridge. Is it drink to forget or drink to remember ?


One Response to “Boom Boom in the sky in Africa”

  1. ima November 28, 2010 at 9:44 AM #

    Indeed! Drink to forget or drink to remember, how is one to know?! With such a sweet puss around, I incline for ‘drink to remember’. I can almost see you 2 red-head ‘girls’ cuddling together afraid of the boom-boom from the skies. Won’t tell Jules what a treacherous sis you are! Pusi.

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