Extended in Africa

2 Dec

My stay in Africa may be extended… By a few days or a month at the most making me celebrate Christmas under 35°C heat, with no Foie Gras or if so, imported from a far away land. A coconut tree in a Christmas disguise. Bûche de Noël… none, unless I’ll know how to make it and I’m nowhere near the kitchen practicing. Champagne… Ah Champagne, that we WILL have and not just one !!

If I stay, New Years eve will be spent in a plane, and sadly enough not on the same plane. One will scream out “Bonne Année” while flying over France while the other will be shouting “Gutes Neues Jahr”over Frankfurt…. Cheerful !!

In any case, my flight this weekend will be cancelled, and by Monday or Tuesday I should know if to keep wearing my flip-flops or if to go by the Chinese market look for this season’s moon-boots for the snow that I will encounter when I reach Parisian ports.

So, what will it be ? … In the meantime, I have a full weekend to enjoy and be merry !


One Response to “Extended in Africa”

  1. ima December 3, 2010 at 9:33 AM #

    Be merry, yes, yes, yes! But tell mamma if she should start buying tons of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and other smoked salmon and goat cheese for her African Queen! Pusi

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