“Président” in Africa

3 Dec

Yes, “Président”, as in cheese, butter, dairy products… As in walking into Martinez (one of our fabulous Bata supermarkets that apparently, also serve the rest of the country as it seems that only Bata has 3 “big” supermarkets in Equatorial Guinea, islands included) finding a whole new stock of “Président” petit Camambert, petit Brie, pâte à tartiner à l’ail, nature, butter with salt butter with no salt, crème Société, cheese Société, Président Emmental Cœur de meule… All good stuff. Ok, maybe a little bit more expensive than what you may be paying in Monop’ and the rest of the stores. To give you an idea, the Société cheese ; 7,32 Euros… What you may pay maybe 3 Euros for in France. However… It’s worth every cent of it here as you know, tomorrow s a new day and tomorrow, “Président” may be no more…

However, have you already seen a Camambert or Brie cheese as we know it – in cans ? Not only am I eating most of my meals out of cans, but now, my French cheese as well…

After a fabulous salad and cheese lunch, I am ready to go take a plunge into the mad rain outside. One foot out, fully wet, and for what ? To go buy a rolling-pin to make some pizza tonight with a great find yesterday at the market – Maizena Pâte à Pizza. Add some water, knead, spread, roll it, fill it and oven it !! C’est Knorr… J’adore !! (Would it be too late to ask multinational brands to sponsor my culinary stay here ?… I wonder )


One Response to ““Président” in Africa”

  1. ima December 3, 2010 at 6:30 PM #

    ‘Our’ fabulous Bata supermarket???
    Times are a Changing, as sung B Dylan.
    ‘President’ cheese in GE must taste to your deprived palate like Pipos assiette de fromages!
    If you won’t succed in rolling up a pizza dough, you can always use the rolling-pin as an weapon against bugs and burglars. Cheer up! Pusi.

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