‘Monkey see, monkey do’ in Africa

5 Dec
Bome Beach

Bome Beach

After a few hours in a Sunday morning office, we turned the car engine on, direction Bome beach, La Ferme, for a few hours of sea, cold beer and fun. Arriving we bumped into some friends and I made myself a new one. Trufa. The restaurant’s chimpanzee. I took a photo. His keeper told him to come to me. Trufa came, jumped into my arms and decided to stay there. His keeper tried to take him back as I was heading back to my table. Trufa pushed him away. He tried to reach for him again. Trufa pushed his hand and gently bit his finger while hanging onto me a bit tighter. His keeper looked at him. Trufa turned his head away looking me straight in the eyes, almost like he was smiling, held tightly to me and shoved his head in my neck. I stayed there for a while, feeling all happy, then put him back down.

Trufa (La Ferme)

Trufa (La Ferme)

He took a step towards his keeper then walked back to me. Put his arms on my arms, his legs around my legs and climbed up into my arms. I melted like an ice-cube in the sun. Fast and efficient ! I didn’t know what to do so I took Trufa with me back to the table. He stayed on me, looking around, shaking hands with people on the way. Everyone was smiling and I was in monkey heaven. Aftera trip down blissful lane, I took Trufa back and continued with my beach day. Sun. Cold beer. Some sea.

Trufa (La Ferme)

Trufa (La Ferme)

About an hour later it seems tha Trufa escaped his keepers attention and came back looking for me at my table. By then I was on the beach.

A new reason to stay. Go back and see my new friend…


One Response to “‘Monkey see, monkey do’ in Africa”

  1. ima December 6, 2010 at 9:57 AM #

    Yes, yes, yes!!!
    Stay there, go back, see Trufa (what a delicious name)and tell her about your mama. Show her a picture of me, maybe she will fall in love with me too and keep the pic in her hairy hand. What a feeling that must be to have a little chimp hanging on you like that!!!
    Do you remember the young chimp, once upon a time, long long ago in Dizengoff center? It belong to a shop and was walking freely among customers.
    I envy you. Pusi.

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