Waiting in Africa

6 Dec

While some sing “Shal I stay or shall I go”, I’m thinking – Will I stay or will I go ???… The question is hanging in the air since this last Thursday and the answer will be revealed only tomorrow… Will I be granted a (month) longer stay or will I be boarding the Air-France plane on Thursday and enjoy their chicken and rice meal ? … What makes this wait even more stressful is that there is a 50 / 50 chance to get a YES stamp as a NO stamp on the paper. There is no real valid reason to decline me as there is no real and valid reason to accept.. so that makes the waiting even more aggravating !

If I stay, I will pop open the biggest magnum champagne bottle I can find here and celebrate. If I don’t… I’ll pop open the bigest champagne bottle I can find here and drink it in a corner with some pop-corn.

So a new, 5th, unexpected week has begun in Bata, Equatorial Guinea for me. It’s still very hot and sunny. The supermarkets are still playing tricks on us with special European deliveries to make our meals pleasent and merry. Christmas decorations are up all over the city and if I stay, I will be enjoying decorating a coconut tree for the holidays.


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