Waiting (some more) in Africa

7 Dec

“Patience is a virtue”… I already said this a few months back, and now, I am saying it again… Patience… Be patient with the world. Patient with human kind. Patient with the administration. Patient with the waiter in the restaurant you’ve ordered your food from over 30 minutes ago. Patient with life…

I still don’t know when i shall be back home. My stay here is like a chocolate box right now. You never know what you will fall upon. Or especially when… And in the meantime, you keep on eating what’s inside. Sometimes you fall upon a real good chocolate with nuts inside and sometimes there is liquor and you spit it right out again. It makes the whole chocolate box more exciting…


After a few hours spent at the French Cultural Centre, having a beer, talking some small and bigger talk, tonight is pizza night at the Villa Celotti with some of the other French people. A night to relax and enjoy company and a non-home made pizza. It was great. Don’t get me wrong. But, when others make it, it is even greater !


I surprise myself at times when I think to myself that I am sort of getting used to things around here. Being here and not working is hard though. Having too much time to sit around and think about sitting around and thinking, without anything to do. The more I read or see about the European frozen snow, the more this heat is appealing to me. The beach on Sunday. Being tanned and freckled in December. I am getting used to my hair-frizz (although I am dreaming of some anti-frizz cream that I have extinguished) of some more frozen cold Diet coke. A simple yet delicious goat cheese salad… But then again, I am discovering the delights of tuna all over again… So many things you can do with tuna (one of them would be to make a mental-allergy to it but that’s just a detail…). Social life as we know it (cinema, expos, brunch, cocktail bars, shopping, sports etc.) is still something I dearly miss and at times dry my tears over, but you get used to it and adapt. You want to go out but nowhere to go and no one with ? Have a drink, or even two of them with crackers ! You want to go watch a film ? Press “ON” your TV and watch some action film dubbed in French. The language of love. You crave salmon and toasts ? Have tuna and toast… Very healthy and loaded with proteins… Stuff like that.

However, most important… You meet the man you love and have the chance to join him 5000 km away ? Enjoy the time you’re given…


One Response to “Waiting (some more) in Africa”

  1. ima December 8, 2010 at 8:54 AM #

    Enfin, this girl of mine is reaching the age of reason!
    Patience, savlanut…this is ‘the’ word she never wanted to hear, despite all my efforts and pedagogical skills I used. What a mama can’t do Africa can! The mother al us all.
    Sinon Pusi.

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