A stamp in Africa

9 Dec

After a full week with my passport kept hostage on a far away desk waiting for that “IN” or “OUT” stamp of the extended visa, several back and forth trips since last Thursday to the prefecture putting my nerves to the test, and my flight postponed twice… The verdict has finally arrived today at 14h !…..

While many of you are struggling at the moment with heavy snow and ice, I will be struggling with my tan here for 3 extra weeks. 3 weeks of hubby, of heat, of tuna salad, of beach, of cold drinks, of a heavy shopping-rehab and not using my VISA card and counting bills for grocery shopping (it’s interesting how you get used to over-spend back home where all you have to do is put a plastic card into a machine and tap a code. Here, all happens in cash, which can at times be quite disturbing . Finding yourself returning goods at the cash counter. “Here, take the coconut back. I’m keeping the cucumber and the Kinder Bueno. I’m returning the soap but keeping the toothpaste…” An interesting excercise.

So voila, 3 more weeks of this adventure and endless pages on this blog for all of you who follow.


One Response to “A stamp in Africa”

  1. ima December 9, 2010 at 5:48 PM #

    Yes, yes, yes!!! The blog is going on!!!
    All those fingers and toes crossed for you in icy Paris
    did a good job!
    I’m gona drink a glass of bubbly to celebrate the good news.

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