Call for public participation in Africa

10 Dec

Well, I have 3 more weeks to work my cooking skills that for the past 4 weeks, well, have not really progressed if I am to be honest with myself and with you, dear readers. It’s not my fault really but the fact that no recipe here can be fully prepared with all of its necessary ingredients. A burden for some, a mystery to me….

So, again, I am calling out to you, to the world, for some ideas, as many of you cook like gods and goddesses, share with me.

Again, the basic things you can find here : eggs (but to be careful with and avoid if possible), rice, pasta and tuna (more than one can handle), some canned vegetables, carrots, lentils, beans, corn, artichokes, mushrooms, chick-peas… and canned salmon, canned ham, canned cheese… canned boredom… On the fresh vegetable side, it is very limited : cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beans, eggplants, avocado, courgette (very limited), green salad (when lucky), small green pepper, potatoes… and that would be it. Frozen vegetables, as limited as it can get, Carrots, beans, mushrooms,… Cooking cream is available at the moment and well frozen in my freezer. Meat… ah meat. I should be brave enough to buy meat but for some reason I am still a bit shaky about it, the color, the fact that every now and then (more now than then) the electricity goes off and every fridge is breathing hot air anywhere between a minute and too-long-to-keep-the-meat-cold, but there is some chicken I could consider, beef I could adventure myself on… The rest, I don’t even quite know what it is…

So voilà, dear you, please help, advice and share your thoughts and mouth-watering dishes as I fear that if I go on this way I will turn into one big can or tuna…

In advance, I thank you and promise that for every dish shared by you and prepared by me, a photo of the masterpiece will follow, so click on “Leave a Comment” and let your ideas run freely…


4 Responses to “Call for public participation in Africa”

  1. GG December 10, 2010 at 10:59 AM #

    How about a “quiche courgette saumon”, served with a green salad ???
    Let me know, i’ll send you the receipe… even for the pastry (so easy to make).
    Mille bisous

    • Travel Personal December 10, 2010 at 11:47 AM #

      There is no pastry here and I am no pastry master, but am ready to take the challenge 🙂 Courgette : checked. Salmon… canned ? I guess we could try. Do send over, do send 🙂

  2. ima December 10, 2010 at 5:54 PM #

    This is a sort of velouté. Canned corn, mixed to a puree in a blender + some crème fraîche or fromage frais Vache Qui Rit, salt, pepper, herbs if you have some (for colour and texture). I would add some fresh peppers in little cubes, red if possible, for colour of course. So you have vegetables and protein. Toasted bread with some tuna on it on the side.

    • Travel Personal December 10, 2010 at 6:00 PM #

      I’ll go hunt for a blender and give it a go. Thanks imale 🙂

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