Small photographical details in Africa

11 Dec

There are many times I would just love to take my camera out and click because what I see in front of me is a fabulous image to be captured in that little box… But I avoid as I know I can’t always…

Times like ; When I see two Guinean kids walking down the street under a 28°C sunset, wearing a full Santa Claus outfit with a white, long beard while the other, Santa’s wife, is walking around selling Santa hats.

When I see African women walking along straight and elegantly with weights on their heads heavier than you and I could ever carry in both of our hands.

When I see students, all sitting out in the streets at night under functioning lamp posts, reading and studying their books and homework until rain or electricity-cuts get in the way and interrupt.

When I pass by the markets (street markets) and see the merchandise, mixed as it is, food next to hardware mixed with shoes and clothing, hanging, lying where it can, in rain or in drought.

When I see kids play in the street at night-time with a can to replace the ball, car-race in a home-made box-car to replace the plastic cars we all find in toy stores.

When I leave the house and bump into goats, chickens, roosters and  dogs wandering around in the middle of the street and in the back yard. Sometimes getting in my way, or of cars driving along. The country brought to the city.

When I stand by the window at night on weekends, and watch those young and older play football, while some younger study in a corner under a light. Women sitting in another braiding each others hair. A couple standing in an alley talking. Dogs sleeping in the middle of the road. Security guards contemplating…

Life taken to the streets.


One Response to “Small photographical details in Africa”

  1. ima December 12, 2010 at 9:34 AM #

    Indeed, it’s a pity you can’t take those pictures!
    But yo do well with words, the rest is up to our imagination!

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