Punta Mbonda in Africa

12 Dec
Punta Mbonda

Punta Mbonda

Today was Sunday. Today was beach day. I left a working hubby behind with a heavy heart and headed to Punta Mbonda in Rio Muni (Located on a point of land about 30 km North of Bata but to get there, you need to take a 70 km road) with two couples of expats I’ve sympathised with. Picnic on the beach. Catching mini-me fish in natural pools by the sea. Walks on the beach admiring the view. I think this spot is the prettiest I’ve seen so far. Clean. Empty of people. Small coves all along the coast… Fabulous view, perfect temperature, in the water and out… A perfect Sunday day.

Lighthouse of Punta Mbonda

Lighthouse of Punta Mbonda

One thing Punta Mbonda is known for is its lighthouse. It is one of the 4 lighthouses in Rio Muni. Unfortunately it seems to be closed at this day. Very little information is available on the lighthouses of Equatorial Guinea, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to enlighten you further…

At some point after lunch, we were siting and discussing life in Guinea, work in Guinea, love in Guinea, food in Guinea, the beach in Guinea and so on… When 2 lovely boys approached us bearing gifts. 5 lovely cleaned coconuts. They put them all at my feet and judging from their smiles (and the fact that I was the only man-less woman of the day) we’re assuming a wedding proposal was involved (and I’m sticking to this version…) While some pay their women with camels and sheep,I get coconuts… Sweet and healthy way to start a life together wouldn’t you think so ?


One Response to “Punta Mbonda in Africa”

  1. ima December 13, 2010 at 9:17 AM #

    Camels? You said camels? Are you talking about…?
    This was definitely a marriage proposal, you should consider it seriously, maybe as a part-time marriage only for sundays when hubby is still at work! Just joking girl!

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