A dress made in Africa

13 Dec

Today I bought myself a dress… Today I also bought myself some fabric and ordered a dress that I will be trying on Friday. Simple, perky colours. One to fit and one to float in… My first non-food shopping in Bata and a little something to bring back home with me

I have also discovered a new part of the market today. I knew the Chinese market (long endless street mixed with Made in China bazaar shops and the local products spread out on the street) What I’ve missed on is a huge labyrinth cloths and fabric market hidden away in the area where shops mix with tailors, clohing and the “trendy” European like shopping corners… Shoes, bags, street cloths, the “brand” corners and so on… Walking in there would wake the claustrophobic side in each one of us. It’s narrow, muddy, smelling of food, of transpiration, of dried fish, cooking. One path leading to another, leading to a narrow cross roads leading to where-is-the-way-out-of -here ?… My dress on Friday will be a surprise as the model, I have more or less explained with words and gestures. Measurements, gave the bare minimum, hoping something exceptional will come out of it.


Camel, the cat we’re baby-sitting is in heat and has been for the past horrible days that we’ve been madly screaming at her to shut up. Mauling and mauling in such a way one could think she is tortured and harmed. When you spend as much time at home as I am here, day time mauling crisis can quickly get on your nerves and weaken them insanely. It breaks my heart to hear her, and up till now, not understanding why… She has food, water, cuddles and attention. No reason to complain over us. Yet, the mauling won’t stop. It starts at night, goes on all day… Now that I know what she’s mauling about, my heart is completely crashed. When I see her offer me her bum, it is lovely, sure… But of no use to me and I have no idea how to help her get over her (may I say) sexual cravings… I went on some forums today and things that I read are messing with my animal lover mind… Basically what people are saying is that aside from sterilizing her, one needs to offer a kitty in need some manual satisfaction… You learn every day…

So tonight will be all about noodles, wine and pleasing our cat… Quite a program don’t you think ? E.G is the place to be !


4 Responses to “A dress made in Africa”

  1. Dan Hayon December 14, 2010 at 9:12 AM #

    Dear Sandra,

    we also give our cat Jules manual satisfaction, but he still pisses all over the house.

    Can you help us with some advice? Do you know some special movements we should learn about? Can we send Jules over to you so you’ll give him manual satisfaction.

    We’ll take Camel as soon she will be over her heat period. Cordially, me.

    • Travel Personal December 14, 2010 at 11:24 AM #

      I’m considering opening a feline heat-brothel.. May that be of any help ? Deposit your kitty lady when in need and we’ll have those escort kitty males lining up and waiting to bring them some feline satisfaction. Think I may be getting some Whiskas support here ?

  2. ima December 14, 2010 at 10:02 AM #

    Don’t even read what that Hayon guy is writing you.
    Mad as ever!
    On the other hand, the ‘advices’ you red on the forum about cats in love are not completely wrong. Some people do this, using a pen or some other device…I stop here, I don’t want to shock tender hearts.
    Very noble of you to encourage the fashion business in
    G E! You may be sure that once back in Paris you’ll have a unique piece to wear.
    Sinon Pusi.

    • Travel Personal December 14, 2010 at 11:42 AM #

      Well, not really as the fabric usually comes from Cameroon and the tailors from various African countries around like Cameroon, Senegal and others… There isn’t really proper Guinean culture so, I’m borrowing others

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