Israeli time in Africa

14 Dec

Hospitals are no fun. No one goes there for fun. I didn’t go there for fun today but it was nice seeing Israelis, talk Hebrew, see nurses walk around with Israeli imported toilet paper or creams. Feels familiar. We went there for Gaspard’s check-up and while he got checked up, I checked around, had coffee with the hospital director, a chat with a pharmacist here, a doctor there, hebrew everywhere.

My day wasn’t very exciting. A medical visit. A few hours paper work in hubby’s office. An intimate (yet odd) help-out session with Camel… the cat (Please don’t ask…). A walk on the Paseo (Bata version of the Croisette) by the sea and a cold-turned-hot-oh-so-quickly beer at the French Cultural Centre till night came down on us and took over.

Tonight, as I write this, hubby’s in the kitchen preparing dinner, and from what I can hear, pschitting to their death some probably small unwanted house guests…

By the way, I forgot to mention… Two days ago I killed 3…crawling (some)things and didn’t even scream !! Impressive eh !? Africa changes a woman, that’s for sure !!


One Response to “Israeli time in Africa”

  1. ima December 15, 2010 at 9:46 AM #

    I agree, Africa changes a woman, even one born not too far from it. So it took you X5 years to learn how to remain zen near some hairy, multi legged beasts whose name you didn’t even ask!
    Lehitraot eu Pusi.

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