Sleepless cat-nanny in Africa

16 Dec




Cats are wonderful animals. Independent, curious, playful… but sometimes extremely painful to deal with, and I’m not just referring to the body scratches or damaged furniture . Kitty ladies with their monthly heat periods (endless mauling and demanding attention 24 hours / 24). Kitty males with their aggressive domination strategies (“I’m not happy to see others in my house and so I attack, I pee on whatever I find. I’ll be a pain in the ass until you get my point and let me rule this domain”…) Two weeks with Camel in the house was great. Having a company in lonesome moments. Having her come to me and adore me while I was living my life in front of my computer. Seeing ow happy she’d get when she got fresh food or some milk… Sleepless nights with Camel in the house on the other hand, much less exciting !! Get up at 3am just to calm her (needs) down and sleep all in all 1 hour all night ? Even less…

Am I fed up ??

I am (slightly and sadly) fed up !!

She will be missed when she leaves, which is today, but if someone is desperate for some male company at the moment, it is Camel for sure and she is screaming it out and loud !

However… it’s a cute little red haired kitty and I miss her already…


Christmas is near. More and more decorations are up around the city. Christmas corners are opened in some of the (3) supermarkets and colorful trees pop up everywhere. The Chinese markets are filled with plastic-ready-decorated Christmas trees… Pink ribbons, shiny balls, strong colors…Kitch as much as one may wish…

A funny view that should have been captured on camera… A taxi carrying two small blue christmas decorations in the back of the car on each side of its bumper. Very ho-ho-ho !!

Hope to be able to sneak up behind one of those cabs next time and click to show you.


One Response to “Sleepless cat-nanny in Africa”

  1. ima December 16, 2010 at 6:05 PM #

    Yes, yes, do that, show us something different than Passy’s and Champs Elysées’s Christmas decorations!
    Some one had a good ideea and put up at Passy – rue d’Alboni roundabound a tree covered in blue light ‘guirlandes’…looks ghostly.
    Camel looks so sweet on the sofa. I’m sure you’ll miss her a little. I wish you quick recovery after those sleepless night.

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