A dress in Africa ?

21 Dec

Yes… Or rather no… I still don’t have that cursed dress. Another day… or will it be two ?… A good friend told me once she had to wait several weeks to get a dress from her Italian dry cleaner in Rome.. So what is a week and a half of waiting for a dress to be made in Bata, E.G… Even if you venture out on an over-heated, crowded, chaotic and reeking market every other morning during rush hour. It’s an adventure.

As I found out today, aside from the rain and dry period in E.G, after the (warm and humid) rain season down here, we have now entered the (very) warm(er) dry (yet still very humid and rainy) season that lasts till around February / March… Add several degrees to what has been since I’ve arrived and you get an insanely hot and still oh-so-humid-still seasonal Christmas greetings !

Ho ho oohhhh !




One Response to “A dress in Africa ?”

  1. ima December 22, 2010 at 9:51 AM #

    Poor Santa Claus, sweating to a melt under his beard and red coat!!! Tell him to bring you that dress. Pusi.

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