Christmas sunbathing in Africa

24 Dec
Barbie's pool day

Barbie's pool day

After Wednesday’s pool afternoon at Utunde Beach Les Pagaies, the holiday continued with the same friends yesterday at La Ferme on Bome Beach, proceeded by a short early apero stop to wish Le Kalao happy holidays.

Barbie's beach day

Barbie's beach day

A light lunch and a cold drink later, we ended on the beach, feet in the water and a wet dog running wildly around covering us in sand. Perfect temperature on the outside, even better inside.

On our way out, the most unthinkable almost happened… I almost missed Trufa, who was walking into La Ferme as we were driving out and who came climbing up on me as I called out his name…This is true love !





Christmas is all around. Holiday decorations are up on the streets. Some have unfortunately not made it since they’ve been hung up mid November, but others are still shining up on us. A late night open-air karaoke party that I apparently missed and kept up others from sleeping took place out on the streets last night. Christmas spirit is here despite the heat and lack of snow… Champagne is chilling and kitchens are steaming. Ho Ho Ho !

Tonight we are invited to Sylvain and Anne-Sophie, my beach partners these past few days, for a night of French delicatessen and Champagne !! 7 adults. 3 kids. 1 big fluffy dog. 1 quite large hairy cat. 1 big decorated plastic tree. Foie gras. Salmon. Noix de St Jacques. Champagne…Christmas is all around !!

The day will be quiet and light and so before I end this post, I will just wish all of you who read me a VERY HAPPY and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

Ho Ho Ho


One Response to “Christmas sunbathing in Africa”

  1. ima December 24, 2010 at 4:53 PM #

    And a Merry Christmas to you too! Don’t sweat too much, have lots of bubbly! The pic with Trufa is gorgeous, such tenderness between you 2 girls! I’m green with Envy, and it’s not a fit sentiment for a Christmas day.
    May I be forgiven! Love you, Pusi.

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