Santa has left Africa

26 Dec

During Christmas and New Years, no cars are allowed to run in the country. You need a special authorization to drive, hopefully not drunk, on those particular days. On one hand, this may come as extremely annoying if on Christmas day, holiday day, you are stuck at home with no driving permission and not much to do (as there is no public transport, moving may come hard) yet on the other, people come out walking and there are no traffic jams or crazy bumper cars around town, making the whole holiday spirit more present and pleasant in a city where the streets have no name.

You realise the holiday is over when on Sunday morning starting at 10am you hear hooting all around you and petrol cans pile up on the streets.

After yesterday’s rainy beach day, today was not much better, yet, extremely pleasant for a short sea and sun time. Calm water (I won’t mention the light jellyfish (yet another) marks on my arm), no strong sun and a lovely breeze… Which in this part of the world means Watch out ! A storm is coming ! And so it came. As Les Pagaies have decide to shut down for a private Christmas weekend and shutting their gates for its usual Bata crowd while welcoming Bata-City tourists, we headed to the Villa Celotti for a Sunday brunch. Burger and fries. Pizza and beer… The Sunday spirit… Followed by a Wii afternoon at Anne’s place. As the storm went on and the skies broke down, our muscles and concentration were put to test with the Wii Resort… A genuine Club-Med session out here in the tropics.

A lovely time to end this last weekend out in Guinea…

Santa, oh Santa… I know it’s late to ask you this and that you’re probably on some island by now relaxing after your hard labour, but how about sending me a Wii and its Fit little belated present… No ribbon needed… I’ve been a good girl and I promise that I will make my best to keep it up till the end of the year (Which one though.. ?)


One Response to “Santa has left Africa”

  1. ima December 27, 2010 at 10:10 AM #

    As Santa was delayed in his work because of the snow and general bad weather, he’s still open to suggestions and is trying to finish his job. So, who knows?!
    How funny! Christmas day in Bata is a bit like Yom Kippour in Tel Aviv, no cars on the streets.
    Jelly fish markS on your arms??? How come I didn’t hear you screaming over the oceans?
    Sinon Pusi.

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