On this last week in Africa…

27 Dec

Once upon a time, almost two months ago, after a long 4 months wait (for a visa) I came to Equatorial Guinea for a month of exploration and expat love… and if I came to realise that this country could be my own for a longer while, look for work. The 30 day visa turned into a 60 day one, and my stay extended to January 1st. Ho Ho Ho Happy New Year . No work contract has been signed for various reasons and my pink suitcase is getting ready to get muddy and board again in only 5 days…

I have tried to share with you my E.G experiences on this blog. “Tried” as not all could be said nor shown. But I hope that I managed, on some level, to embark you with on this trip. A trip that could be a once in a life time experience in a fast growing and developing country that, so far, dislikes random tourists, such as myself, but that maybe one day, will open up to all.


On this last Monday I spent my afternoon with my Twitter friend, Arum. We headed for a couple of drinks and a lovely Bûche de Nöel that was so kindly offered to us by Philippe and his wife at the Kalao. I’ll miss this place… A small and friendly French restaurant by the sea that brings together the French expat community in this city. Philippe is as lovely as a restaurant owner can get. Chatty. available, interesting and kind. His wife (who is from Senegal) welcomes you with wide arms each time she sees you passing the restaurant gates. I’ve come to grow fond of this place and I have to admit, some aspects of this city with it… Although that main remain limited…

Anyhow, we did what would probably be the last food shopping of the week. Two supermarkets visited. The third, I will be leaving for another day… Can’t spoil all the shopping fun at once can I ?

Upon my arrival, the Vâche qui Rit (and Light) entered Bata and with it, my happiness… Today, I am sad to announce, that cheese is gone ! Many things are missing. I haven’t tasted Diet Coke since at least a month. Have bought the last Kinder Bueno’s available a couple of weeks ago, and the Emmental cheese, didn’t last that long either…

The African charm !


2 Responses to “On this last week in Africa…”

  1. ima December 28, 2010 at 10:12 AM #

    List for Sandra from Inno:
    Diet Cola, Light Feta, Goat Cheese, Multicereal Bread, Farm Eggs, Finely Sliced Ham, Chicken Breast, Crispy Iceberg Salad and many more other delicious items she missed during those 2 months.

  2. Travel Personal December 28, 2010 at 10:40 AM #


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