Chicken and pool in Africa…

29 Dec

Pool, Les Pagaies pool for most of the day. lounging in the water, bum up, head down or at times, the other way around facing the strong Guinean sun. The position to adopt is a decisive matter on a day such as this… Your happiness may depend on it. Or at least your well-being… Can’t feel that good with a slightly burnt left thigh now can you ? … Well, no you can’t !

I know I will be transformed into a snowman in only a few days so I am making the most of it and taking as much of it in as I can. Of the coconut trees all along the roads. The white sand beaches. The warm sea water and the cool pool one. Ball fights and water splashing and cool glass of afternoon wine by the pool…

Enjoying Anne-Sophie and Sylvain. Anne and Pierre. Philippe and his fabulous grilled chicken at the Kalao. Of everyone I’ve met since I got here and that I have now to part from. Some I may see again in Paris or elsewhere in the world as they pass by. It’s true that an expat community in far far away lands creates stronger bounds than random encounters. You can’t hide behind a mask. Who you really are comes to the surface the second you land on such a foreign ground and then, you try to survive and make a place for yourself somewhere far away from any reference you may know. So the connections you make with some people are genuine, honest and strong.

Despite the hard times it ends up not being so easy to part after all…



One Response to “Chicken and pool in Africa…”

  1. ima December 30, 2010 at 10:20 AM #

    A kid among kiddies in the pool! I think, I hope, the weather will be in a better mood next Saturday. Yesterday it felt almost warm, 5° and not 1°, no wind, no rain…so let’s hope.
    Anyway, don’t forget to take a cover from the plane.
    So this is the last post?! Too sad!!!

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