Back to civilisation… In France

2 Jan

2 days now since I got back to modern civilization as I knew it 2 months ago, and to a new winter cold. It is cold. It is very, very cold !! It is so cold that I have taken my warmest winter coat, my warmest winter gloves and my warmest winter scarf making me look like a frozen Eskimo lost in the city…

I may have complained about the Guinean heat during my stay in Bata. So be it. 40°C is very warm as 4°C is extremely cold !! You never get it perfect do you ? However, I’m beginning to tell myself that Sunday picnics on a perfectly warm beach may be a bit more charming than warming up my frozen toes with tea in a bar somewhere in the city… A tricky one.

Other than the weather, it was quite strange walking down the streets here today and having one of those Sunday brunches I so dearly missed. It is all so clean. So smelling of Chanel. Taking the metro. Seeing so many people around, stepping on each other, pushing and shoving to get out of the train or pass in and out doors, but, in what seemed to me, a rather polite way compared to this past couple of months experience…

Is it so, that once you get used to simple and rudimentary life conditions, everything else only seems like “too much” ? Or… maybe in 2 days, once I’ll be entering a giant Carrefour Market, or order a new iPhone 4, it will all come back to me in a flash… So far, looking around me and thinking that the “less” I’ve known actually feels quite nice compared to the abundant activity around me right now is rather an interesting feeling…

In any case, here I am. Paris. In cold winter times. A new job for the next few months to occupy my time, my intellect and my banking account. Will I go back to Africa for some more adventures ? Will I end up elsewhere on the globe ? I guess only 2011 will tell…


One Response to “Back to civilisation… In France”

  1. ima January 3, 2011 at 9:48 AM #

    “Che sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be”

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