Shivering in Paris

13 Jan

Since I’ve been back to Paris I’ve been wanting to write. Something small every day… Start a new page on this new year and put my words on it.

But normal life, work, obligations, schedules, delayed transportations and general evening inactive postures took over and all that I have started, has ended up unfinished in the “Draft” file.

There is much to say… Maybe not as exciting as monkey encounters on deserted muddy roads with no electricity or Diet Coke at hand…

Yet, much has happened in the past two weeks. I came back and had an encounter of the third kind with the (winter) cold and almost froze to death. Went to goat-cheese-on-salad heaven and came to life landing on a home-made-parental chocolate mousse. Rediscovered Brunch-Buffet on a Sunday. Took a train down South and back. Ate Kinder-Bueno’s bought off the street. Ate a carrot without boiling it and did not spit it back out again. Spent an hour in a supermarket trying to decide over a yogurt with or without fruit and if with then organic or sugar-free and if not then plain or with a mousse coating and if a mousse then if flavoured or sour… and ended up coming out with none. Does too much choice kill the choice ?… Other than food, family and friend pleasures I have also started to work. You know, that thing that you do on Monday, far too early, till Friday, way too late, and that makes you get up in the morning while it’s still dark outside. That makes you swear at the world until you’re fresh out of the shower and then makes you go out and be a killer business person of some kind. For the first time I’m doing something that has nothing to do with what I’ve done before and that is genuinely nice and worldly. Not just helping people buy things they do not need but think they can’t live without, but actually helping them on a personal level when they most need it. Maybe one day I’ll tell you…

Since I’ve been back, hubby went back to his African grounds for several months, 6000 km away. Skype is a blessing from tech-heaven but I’m counting the days until the big flying bird will bring him back…

Coming up next : human-jam in the metro, pushing and shoving in and out revolving doors, queuing for sake of it and help keep up the national sport, cheese, cinema, art, martini’s,…


One Response to “Shivering in Paris”

  1. ima January 14, 2011 at 9:46 AM #

    Ready any time to offer you some parental chocolate mousse or goat and spinach pie for consolation!

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