Warming up to, or, in Paris

25 Jan

Paris in winter is cold. Paris this winter is particularly cold. Too cold to my taste but as everyone else around here, I have to dress up as a penguin every morning and deal with it until Spring does us part.

Once upon a time less than a month ago I knew white sand beaches and 35°C sun. I have missed out on the white European snow storms of the time and am now getting blistering winds and spit-rain. The trees are naked and everything seems Grey and gloomy. You wake up it is still night-time, you get home it is night-time all over again. The day goes by too quickly to realize the sun has been up, and as lately, timidly hiding behind every cloud it can find up there in the atmosphere as if snubbing every human down on earth.

Lately, for the past few weeks I have been engaging in a brand new activity and light years from my normal projects, and for the first time since a very long time, I feel I am actually contributing to making the world a lighter place to live in. Maybe not for you, today, in this rather dark and dreary Parisian season, dear reader, but for some others in a small, yet significant way… You have no idea what I’m talking about do you ?… That’s OK, it will come…

The days are getting longer. A baby minute at a time each day. Step by step till spring comes… I’m patiently waiting while admiring the Spring collection in every shop and trying to figure out a reason to go out and buy it all, now, as we approach a harsh -7°C end of week with a closet so full of heavy clothing that an open-toe summer shoe would not fit in.

Now is the time for guts and guile…


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