A city girl in the French Southern country

2 Apr


It’s been a week now that I have been back from Baudinard-sur-Verdon. A lovely, really really lovely, gorgeous and stage-decor like village. Small, very very 180-inhabitants-small town, not far from the immense and sublime Gorges-du-Verdon canyon that straddles the departments of Var and Alpes de Provence not far from Aix en Provence in the South of France. I reckon I have drawn a pretty clear map here… If you still have questions, please do Google it up and if you ever happen to visit, make sure to say hi to Susie Q & Marcus, Jerôme, uncle Charlie, a quick hello to the village maire and have a fantastic home-made lasagna at Le Chardon overlooking the amazing landscape (Tip of the day : If you ever you make it there and stop by Le Chardon, I am sure you will be amazed at the sight you will get from the restroom… This is usually not a tip that guides mention but frankly… The view from that restroom is simply breathtaking !!)

While most of us run around like headless chickens in the city trying to catch the future before its time and missing out on the present, others run in the country side trying to catch those chickens in the back yard breathing fresh air and enjoying their time in a slower and pleasent pace. Beware : If you decide to leave the foggy city for the country side, make sure to breath slowly once you exit the train / plane / car or hot-air balloon. The fresh air may be overwhelming if you’re not used to it ; flushed cheeks, clear throat, bright skin… To handle with care.

Now, many bona fide city chicks like myself may wonder… What can one do in the country ? There’s the common wood chopping activities, cut grass, build pizza ovens, build stables or back-yard sauna’s, paint wood, rebuild a house, plant herbs, pick herbs, cook herbs, pick flowers, tan, enjoy a cup of hot tea on the grass by the pool, fill the pool, clean the pool, play in the pool, walk a dog, play with dog, kill a bug, go for run, pass by the village bar for an afternoon drink, watch the sun set sitting by an amazing chapel overlooking the Sainte Croix lake drinking champagne, have dinner by a fire place listening to jazz or watch a Sex & the City episode remincing the city life… The more I write this the more I want to pack a bag and go back…

Susie Q… Will my room be ready in time ?


One Response to “A city girl in the French Southern country”

  1. irina April 3, 2011 at 8:38 AM #

    Country life as you pictured it seems quite busy…fortunately there is always a city where you can relax a bit.

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