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Barcelona, Spain. Seen by Emmanuel

23 Oct

Emmanuel left Paris almost a year ago for the Barcelonian sun, tapas and playa. Who could blame him !? A city that wakes up at midnight and goes to bed by the time our alarm clock rings, shuts down for siesta’s half way through the day and spends its free time by the sea eating fresh shrimp and patatas bravas.

We haven’t seen him back in Paris since he left… That must be a sign.

So, where does Emmanuel go ?

The best and most unexpected bar. Pipa Club. It’s located in an old apartment, at the third floor of the building. To go up there, you’ll have to ring the bell and go upstairs. The bar is originally a club where you can smoke the pipe, so you can see plenty of them displayed everywhere. The club also organizes tango classes one a week, which take place in the living room. ~ Plaça Reial 3

Want some tapas in a crazy atmosphere? At Txakolin you’ll find some traditional tapas from Andorra, which you have to choose directly at the desk. Just grab as many as you like, the waiter will know how many you have eaten at the end by counting the toothpick that you have in your plate (each tapas is picked with one). Oh, and the place is most of the time full, so expect to each standing at the counter. ~ Avinguda Marquès de l’Argentera 19

One of the best vegetarian restaurant you will find! Biocenter. Healthy and tasty food at a bargain price. If you go for lunch, you can choose a menu with all you can eat buffet + soup or gazpacho + a big plate to choose from the menu + dessert. In the evening you’ll get a nice atmosphere and the same great food. You can also enjoy some art exhibition around the restaurant. ~ Carrer Pintor Fortuny 25

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