I’ve been a full time parent since March 6th 2013, 16h45. My contact has no trial period and is a permanent one. My baby is my boss and he’s probably the toughest ones I’ve ever had so far. He doesn’t care about extra hours. He cares less about your living habits and if you lack sleep, well, that’s just your problem. You will never get a raise (or a paycheck for that matter) and if ever you claim a vacation he’ll make sure you don’t don’t get the full rest you were hoping for. He’s a tough one !!

It’s not entirely true that with every smile or hug he will be kind enough to give you, your problems all go away. And sometimes when all you wish for is a kind and encouraging word, a kick in the stomach or a cry as you gently pick him up in your arms is what you get instead.

Yet, despite all that, he’s a great boss.

At times when all you dream of is resigning and running wild, sharing experiences with other parents and their own mini-bosses can really help holding it together.

The aim ; making the most out of the “hardest job in the world”, off cameras and YouTube, and making your little boss the best one yet to be !

Be brave ! Share your stories on this blog !


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