Who am I ?

To make a 38 year old story very short ; I love traveling. I love my friends. I love meeting people. I love getting them together, I love the web and since March 2013 I love my son, Hugo.

The equation for this site is simple : My friends + their friends & hopefully you + your friends = a personalized City guide to make your travels more exciting and especially, more unique !

A new section since this year for every (new) mom out there that may want or need to share her experience since, honestly, it’s not easy to live on your own…

Also, as I have always wanted to keep a travel journal but never actually go to open a notebook and write, this will be a fabulous occasion to start doing that… And starting with my African month-long trip…

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to share some tips or more : travelpersonalguide (at) gmail.com

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